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Flight planning for simulation


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This version adds support to save flight plans in the format suitable for the iFly Boeing 737NG FMC.

The installer can be downloaded here, and the patch for 0.3 here.

Version 0.3

Sep 14

The major changes are (since 0.3pre1):

  • Performance data for the Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 and the Boeing 767-200ER and -300ER.
  • The newer AIRAC files are handled properly.
  • Flight levels are prefixed F instead of FL when exporting into the Squawkbox flight plan format.
  • Performance data for Airbus A321.

This is only a preliminary release for 0.3. The major changes since 0.2 are:

  • It is possible to define metric flight altitudes and levels.
  • Waypoints can be specified with geographical coordinates.
  • Added altitude rule data for several FIRs
  • Added support for recording performance data via the GUI

The installer for this version can be downloaded here. A patch for version 0.2 is here.

Version 0.2

Jun 11

The major changes are:

  • Added data for the Fokker 70 aircraft as used by Malév
  • Updated Malév MTOW values
  • Added altitude rule data for several FIRs
  • Added button to search for alternate airports
  • Cruise altitude can be specified with a prefix. Old flight files remain usable, and the cruise altitude will be considered to have the A prefix. This, however, affects the flight plan generation, because the same A prefix will be used there. So if you want flight level, change the prefix to F (the value will be recalculated).
  • Own navigational data can be stored in a separate directory